Elsie May Woodard, Blair

Elsie May Woodard was the 1st-born of 11 children by Charles Woodson 'Charlie' Woodard and Amanda Elizabeth 'Lizzie' (May) Woodard. Elsie's middle name "May" was her mother's surname; and her birth date has been calculated based on the information in her death certificate and the 1910 U.S. Census report.

To date, no other photos of Elsie have been found.

Elsie May Woodard

B: 04/03/1904 ā€“ Giles Co., TN

D: 12/03/1922 ā€“ Lynnville, TN


Oct 6, 1919

Lynnville, TN

George William Blair

B: 01/08/1895 ā€“ Brownsville, KY

D: 11/21/1944 - Illinois (VA Hospital)

Permanent Residence: Giles County, TN

  • Married at Age: 15
  • No. of Children: 1
  • Age at Death: 18 yrs., 8 mos
  • Cause of Death: Typhoid fever
  • Date of Burial: 12/03/1922
  • Burial Location: Waco, TN

Their Child:

Willie May (aka Willa Mae) Blair

b: 10/01/1920 - d: 03/01/1966

Records Currently Available Re: Elsie:

George William Blair served in the US Army (52nd Infantry) during WW I.

The differences in his recorded birth year are: (1.) 1894 as calculated on his daughter's birth certificate.

(2.) 1895 as calculated on his military record and tombstone.

(3.) 1896 as calculated on U.S. census report.

How he ever happened to be in Lynnville, TN is not known. Death from cancer occurred at approx. 49 years of age in a VA hospital in Illinois. He was buried in his home state of Kentucky.